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M.A.G is a rules-lite adventure game that can be used for most genres as-is.  The game uses step die for the attributes and everything is an opposed roll. It is very flexible making it very simple to change to fit your style of game.

The game is very easy to play making it a great game for first time players. It works very well for solo thanks to the opposed roll resolution mechanics, and it uses almost all of the polyhedral die. 

Since the game is so minimal and uses a simple difficulty die for opposed rolls, it is very simple to convert existing modules to use it, even on the fly. Simply assign a difficulty to the test and roll. Enemies work the same way, except they need hits. The rules include tips for creating enemies, which will be useful when converting modules.

Magic Expansion

The Magic expansion includes rules for using magic or psionics in a game. It is more for those referees and players who want a little more structure to their game.  The expansion adds a little extra to help with knowing what the characters can do as well as limiting the amount of power they have over time. In the end, it is just a Wit roll vs. a difficulty, just like everything else. Just do that!

Alternate Damage Rules

By design, M.A.G is ultra-simple. The goal is to have something very simple to play, but hackable so DIYers can mold it to fit their style of game. For those who want a little more crunch to the damage system, see the Alternate Damage Rules. There you'll find multiple options for changing the damage system.

Other M.A.G Resources

  • M.A.G Location Builder - A very simple and flexible procedure for building out locations for M.A.G (and any system really) games.
  • M.A.G Solo Hexcrawl- A very simple hexcrawl procedure in a tri-fold layout. It includes a map and a point crawl destination that can be played solo or in a group.

The downloads are in A6 format which fits perfectly on a phone.

It's CC BY SA v4.0, so make it your own.

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M.A.G - v1.10.pdf 644 kB
M.A.G - Character Sheets - v1.10.pdf 369 kB
M.A.G - Magic Expansion - v0.03.pdf 409 kB
M.A.G - Alternate Damage Rules - v0.02.pdf 38 kB

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That's very neat, I like it! You're trying to solve something similar than I do, except your system feels way more organic, I'd say. I believe it does pay to offer some more structure to rolls and stats.


Thanks! I actually struggled with the amount of information to provide, but in the end I decided a little more guidance would make the game easier/quicker to play. In the end, it is still only 3 pages of rules. The rest of it is guidance.