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Mini Hack is a completely free, setting neutral, rules light TTRPG.  It is a mashup of the awesome MiniSix which is based on OpenD6 and The Black Hack which is a wonderful OSR game. The attributes and skills concept from MiniSix allow for creating very unique characters. The roll under dice mechanic from The Black Hack puts the players in control and utilizes the characters abilities well. The combined concepts makes for a very easy game to learn and play. These rules were intended to get you started. Play them as-is or hack them into your own game, genre, or setting.

There are 3 hacks provided: Fantasy, Space, and Cyberpunk. The Core document provides the base rules and the hacks add genre specific rules and mechanics to get you going.

Please, share your house rules or hacks in the discussion board so others can benefit.  Have suggestions for improvements or questions? Post them!

Check out FlexD6 for another game which uses a similar concepts, but different mechanics.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsfree, opend6, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


Mini Hack - Core Rules - v0.17.pdf 967 kB
Mini Hack - Fantasy - v0.11.pdf 780 kB
Mini Hack - Fantasy Character Sheet - v1.0.pdf 222 kB
Mini Hack - Space - v0.07.pdf 1 MB
Mini Hack - Space Character Sheet - v1.0.pdf 225 kB
Mini Hack - Cyberpunk - v0.08.pdf 960 kB
Mini Hack - Cyberpunk Character Sheet - v1.0.pdf 226 kB
Mini Hack Solo - Fantasy - v0.06.pdf 1 MB

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