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Flexpiel is a fast, flexible, and genre neutral RPG based on FlexD6 which works well with FKR (Free Kriegsspiel Roleplay) style play.

What is FKR syle play? This blog post provides a good overview. In short: Play worlds, not rules. The referee doesn't need a lot of rules to run the game. They make rulings based on the fiction and what the characters are capable of. 

Very few rules are needed to facilitate that style of play. In the case of Flexpiel, the dice mechanic is built around the characters and situation. The referee starts the die pool by determining if the characters situation is normal, advantage, or disadvantage. Then the players may add additional dice to the pool based on the characters abilities and gear. The combination allows for a wide variety of success probabilities based on the situation and what the character is trying to do. It also allows for character growth through a combination of traits and gear.

The two screenshots provided here is really all you need to play the game. The PDF includes optional combat rules, tips for running the game, and play samples.

Games Based On Flexpiel

Rough Destiny - A rules-lite post-apocalyptic RPG

Mythiria - A rules-lite fantasy RPG

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Flexpiel - v1.02.pdf 853 kB
Flexpiel - v0.06 - Referee Rolls Dice.pdf 693 kB
Flexpiel Character Sheets.pdf 322 kB

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Looks good. How does combat work? I think that was the only thing that wasn't quite clear to me.
Edit: Doh! I just noticed your combat example on this page :). That cleared it up a lot & it seems that enemy attacks vs. PCs are rolled just like PC attacks.
I read the file before this page, sorry.

(1 edit) (+1)

No worries. That is good feedback. I didn't get into details in the document, but I will review that and see what I can do to make it clear.

Actually, a change is coming. I spent some time with Rough Destiny, the post-apocalyptic game based on Flexpiel. There were quite a few rounds where nothing happened, which isn't good. I'm reworking the optional rules to use player facing rolls. One roll determines who takes a wound and how severe it is. In some cases, both the character and opponent could take a wound.

I've written it up, I just need to get some quick testing in. It is a mechanic I've used in other games based on FlexD6, so I know it works. I just want to make sure it works well with the wound mechanic.

The player facing rolls work well (I play solo). The wound mechanic & severity sounds interesting. 
Do all the testing you need to do & thanks for the heads up.

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This is an early draft of Flexpiel. I've done some simple solo play testing and plan on getting it to the table soon. I wanted to share an early version before diving into layout.