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FlexD6 is a core mechanic that can be used to build table top role playing games. It is a fast and simple mechanic which can be used for a wide variety of genres. It can also be customized to suit your needs as a game developer.

How Does It Work?

The mechanic is a simple dice pool of 1 to 9 D6 based on the situation and the character's skill, abilities, and items. While all the dice are the same (D6's), there are different types of dice in the pool which are interpreted differently.

The dice pool is made up of Check Dice and Edge Dice (sometimes also referred to as Skill Dice). The number of Check Dice depend on the situation. Disadvantage: 1d6, Normal: 2d6, Advantage: 3d6

You'll never roll more than 3 Check Dice

The number of Edge Dice (or Skill Dice) depend on the characters skill, items, and special abilities. Edge Dice should be a different size and/or color than the Check Dice for easy identification.

You'll never roll more than 6 Edge Dice

Roll all the dice at once. The roll is considered a success if any of the Check dice land on a 5+, or if any of the Edge dice land on a 6.

That's it! You can build an entire game using that simple mechanic.

The PDF contains more information including probabilities and some tips for interpreting results.

There is an online SRD which contains a collection of rules used by the available games listed below. The SRD also includes a dice roller.

Available Games

If you're looking for games labeled as FlexD6, they've been retired. Those games have been replaced by the following:

Heroic Tales - A rules-lite fantasy role playing game based on FlexD6.

Aphelion Transit - A rules-lite sci-fi role playing game based on FlexD6.

Covert - A rules-lite spy role playing game based on FlexD6.

Neon Skylines - A rules-lite cyberpunk role playing game based on FlexD6.

Flexpiel - Genre neutral rules for FKR play based on FlexD6.

The old games are included here in a zip file. They will no longer be maintained or updated. The zip file includes a Fantasy, Cyberpunk, and Sci-fi game.

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Hey! I like this system, it feels more fair and immersive than rolling a single d20 for everything.
I'm working on a little toy dice roller here on Codepen if you are interested! Thanks for sharing your hard work with us!

This is great! Thanks for putting it together.