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Heroic Tales is a one page Fantasy RPG which uses a simple d6 dice pool mechanic. Fast to play, learn, and teach. Player facing rolls makes it friendly for solo play as well.

All you need to play are a variety of d6 (3 of one size or color and 6 of another size or color), paper, pencil, a couple friends and your imagination.

The Character Expansion provides additional species, special abilities, and rules like alchemy and spell crafting. While not needed to play the game, it adds more depth and provides more options for creating characters.

The 3rd page includes some optional rules and tips. One of the optional rules is Facilitator (GM) rolls for those Facilitators who really like to roll dice (like me!)

Solo Tales is the solo game from the Pocketfold PDF. It was extracted into a screen friendly format and will need to be paired with the core rules.


  • Looking for an online dice roller for this game? Try this out.
  • Elijah Mills created a web app for Roll-A-Dungeon. You can quickly create dungeon rooms to explore using it. Check it out!

This game is still in development, so it will likely change as feedback comes in.

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GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, nsr, rules-light, rules-lite, Tabletop role-playing game


Heroic Tales - v1.22.pdf 1 MB
Heroic Tales - Character Expansion - v0.05.pdf 522 kB
Heroic Tales - Solo Tales - v0.06.pdf 1 MB
Heroic Tales - Pocketfold Solo Game - v0.12.pdf
Simple Dungeon Generation - v0.13.pdf 1 MB

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I would love o try the solo version. Is there a screen-friendly format available?

(1 edit)

Sorry, not exactly. Some PDF viewers allow you to rotate pages. If yours does, you could rotate the 2nd page so it is easier to read.

What kind of screen-friendly format were you thinking?

well, if you placed all of the "pages" upright as singles or spreads that would work wonders. if I turn the book around by 90 degrees, the 1st page will be half upright, half upside down. that's pretty hard to use on a pdf reader because one will be turning the pages every few moments to use the game. I don't own a printer so this shape is immediately difficult to use.


Gotcha. I can look into that for those without a printer. In the meantime, you could use the main PDF for the rules and use page 2 of the Pocketfold PDF for the game. It wouldn't be as convenient as singles or spreads, but it may work.

Thanks for the suggestion!

You are welcome! I'll drop a line as soon as I play this for a bit :)

Great! Looking forward to it.

Done! You can download Solo Tales for the solo game. :)

AWESOME! Thank you so much!