New Pocketfold Solo Game!

The new fantasy pocketfold PDF contains the core rules for playing FlexD6 Fantasy, a character sheet, and a number of tables for playing a solo game - all on an A4 piece of paper!  

Pocketfold was created as a mod of Pocketmod by Matt Kay, found here:  It is more flexible and allows for squeezing more content into a nice little fold up package.

I took the rules from the original solo game, beefed them up, added more content, and squeezed it all onto the back side of the rules and character sheet page. Thanks to the Pocketfold technique, I was able to get everything on a single piece of paper, making it super portable and easy to play.

Grab 8d6 (actually, you can probably start with 5d6), 1d8, pencil, and some paper for note taking and you're ready for some dungeon delving!


FlexD6 - Fantasy - Pocketfold Solo Game - v1.0.pdf 553 kB
Jan 03, 2022

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