New Space Solo Game!

I've been having a lot of fun with this one. The new space pocketfold solo game includes more of a story and has a goal to achieve.

You’re part of an elite force who’s been dispatched to a remote planet to locate a pilot who has top secret intel on the enemy. The pilot was shot down while trying to avoid an enemy scouting ship. The enemy is now on the hunt for the pilot. You need to get to the pilot before the enemy does.

Equip your special forces character with skills, abilities, and gear. You’ll be dropped onto the planet where you’ll search for clues leading to the pilot. When you find the 4th clue, you’ve found the pilot and can head to the extraction point.

As you move between locations you'll encounter enemy patrols, packs of hunting predators, alien villages who may be hostile, ruins, and obstacles you'll need to pass.

You can play solo, with multiple characters, or cooperative with a friend. Simply print multiple copies, create some characters, and save that pilot!


FlexD6 - Space - Pocketfold Solo Game - v1.00.pdf 233 kB
Jan 16, 2022

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