New Magic System for the Fantasy Hack

This release contains a big change to the Fantasy Hack. The magic system has been completely redone in a way that is open and flexible. It really leans into the Rulings, Not Rules design of the game. Clerics and Magic Users now select from a Focus area and apply Actions to the focus to create high level spells. An example is Create Water. With the Create Water spell, a magic user could fill a cup with water, or fill a pit trap with water so a trapped character can float to the surface. Another example is Alter Water. A magic user could evaporate a puddle, increase or decrease the amount of water in a container, or if they're really powerful, they can make a river flow backwards.

Clerics can have an Undead focus with the Alter action. They'd then use Alter Undead to turn the undead. They could use Alter Body to heal a character, or Alter Mind to bless or charm an NPC.

It is a very open and flexible system that allows players to create high level spells and then perform a lot of different feats using those spells.

The PDF has been updated. You can also read the new system here


FlexD6 - Fantasy Hack - v0.34.pdf 312 kB
Feb 13, 2022
FlexD6 - Fantasy Character Sheet - v1.2.pdf 86 kB
Feb 13, 2022

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