Pocketfold Solo Update

I received some great feedback on the newly released Pocketfold game. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • No more rolling dice for enemies. The enemies have a fixed Defense score that characters will roll their dodge skill against. The Defense score represents the number of successes the enemy rolled when attacking. The dodge roll needs to offset that number in order to avoid all damage. This results in a little more deadly game, but is a lot less rolling and much faster.
  • Fixed some wording issues throughout.
  • Gave the enemies a "stat" block to communicate the number of actions, HP, armor, weapon type, and shield. This makes it a lot easier to find the key information about the enemy when fighting.
  • Added more guidance for when and how to use the optional oracle.
  • Removed an extra enemy (Kobolds) - Not sure how I ended up with 13, but now it is back down to 12.


FlexD6 - Fantasy - Pocketfold Solo Game - v1.04.pdf 552 kB
Jan 06, 2022

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