v0.26 Now Available

This new version has some significant changes. Don't let the minor version number bump fool you!

  • New combat rules! After reviews, it came to light that PC's would become very powerful over time and allowing a defense roll on every attack was part of the issue. From this version onward, there will be multiple actions per round. One of the actions which can be taken is Dodge. The Dodge roll works just like the defense roll did in previous versions. Successes on the dodge roll offset successes from the attack roll. Dodge can only be rolled when the action has been declared. Also, it is a reaction roll, so it only needs to be rolled if the character is hit.
  • There are now multiple levels of success based on the number of successes. That allows for complications and benefits based on the roll. It is up to the GM and players to determine what the complications or benefits are. To make it a little easier, there is a Complications & Benefits table which you can roll on to get you started. Unfortunately to make room for the table, I had to remove one of the sample characters, Trevor.
  • New armor wear and shield rules! Shields are now included in the core rule set and the rules include a wear mechanic for armor and shields. After each combat, the players should roll to see if the armor or shield is wearing out. Over time, it will eventually wear out and will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • No more death spiral for enemies. Enemies should really be managed through narrative and HP. The death spiral was really unnecessary, so it has been removed.

That's it! Please feel free to provide any feedback here. Also, I created a new Discord server for FlexD6. Come join the discussion!



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Jan 21, 2021

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