Rules Changes & More

This latest update has quite a few changes which provide rules clarity and some fine tuning. I also abandoned the goal of having all rules on one page as that proved to be too restrictive. The goal now is to keep it to 2 pages for the core rules and hacks.

Core Rule Changes:

  • Added an optional rules section and moved partial successes there and added rules for critical rolls, grappling, friendly fire, and item wear.
  • Armor and shield rules have been updated to soak damage until the armor or shield wears out.
  • Weapons now provide bonuses for damage. This was added to offset armor and shields always soaking damage.
  • Clarified how dodge works in relation to damage.
  • Added a morale check for enemies.
  • Expanded the section on character creation to better explain the top level attributes.

Space Hack Changes:

  • When taking the Psionic skill, all 3 "sub" skills start at 2d6. When upgrading, each "sub" skill needs to be upgraded individually.
  • Added example cybernetic benefits to make it easier to create your own cybernetic enhancement.
  • Added weapons for ships including their damage bonus.

Fantasy Hack Changes:

  • Added a section for potions and alchemical bombs
  • Some minor wording changes and added the damage bonus for fireball.

Thanks to the play testers!


FlexD6 v0.32.pdf 263 kB
Mar 10, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Hack - v0.08.pdf 235 kB
Mar 10, 2021
FlexD6 - Fantasy Hack - v0.05.pdf 245 kB
Mar 10, 2021

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