Almost full circle on armor and shields

The armor and shields rules have been updated after further play testing and thought. Armor rules went back to providing HP instead of soaking damage. Shields now provide a benefit when dodging.  Why the change?  Armor and shields were really efficient at soaking damage, resulting in little damage getting through to the characters. The result? Combat was S L O W. It turned into a slug fest and got old pretty quickly. While armor and shields soaking damage is more realistic, it didn't help the game.

So, here is what changed across all of the games:

  • Armor has HP which is depleted before the character starts taking damage. After combat, the armor HP resets, and then a depletion check is rolled to see if the armor is worn out.
  • Shields no longer have HP or soak damage. Instead, they make the characters dodge roll a little better. 
  • Weapons now do more damage. Unarmed is +0, light weapons are +1 and heavy weapons are +2.

Sorry for flip-flopping on this.


FlexD6 - v0.40.pdf 330 kB
Jun 20, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Hack - v0.13.pdf 252 kB
Jun 20, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Business Card - v0.04.pdf 94 kB
Jun 20, 2021
FlexD6 - Fantasy Hack - v0.11.pdf 274 kB
Jun 20, 2021
FlexD6 - Fantasy Business Card - v0.03.pdf 93 kB
Jun 20, 2021
FlexD6 Solo - Fantasy - v0.05.pdf 1 MB
Jun 20, 2021

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