Updated Core, Fantasy, and Space Rules

Something that has bugged me since the first release was the number of top level attributes, so I fixed it. There are now four main attributes: Might, Agility, Wit, and Charm. The same skills are still available, they were just re-arranged to fit within these four attributes. Because of this change, I gave the version numbers a bigger bump to denote the change.

Some other noteworthy changes:

  • Fantasy Clockwork Rules - These simple rules just use the core vehicle rules for creating clockwork vehicles in the fantasy world.
  • Updated the Rogue special ability
  • Updated the Cleric special ability


FlexD6 - v0.50.pdf 332 kB
Aug 19, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Hack - v0.20.pdf 254 kB
Aug 19, 2021
FlexD6 - Fantasy Hack - v0.20.pdf 279 kB
Aug 19, 2021

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