More skills and additional rules

When working on the sister project to FlexD6, Mini Hack, there were some recommendations made that I realized applied to both games. So, after releasing Mini Hack changes, I applied similar changes to FlexD6!

Core Rule Changes

  • Added new group initiative rules
  • Added new cover rule for combat
  • Added information about the number of attacks/round a weapon allows
  • Added a fuel mechanic to the vehicle rules
  • Reformatted the document

Space Hack Changes

  • Added a list of special abilities for the characters
  • Added fuel mechanic to the space ships
  • Reformatted the document

Fantasy Hack Changes

  • Added a list of special abilities for the characters
  • Added a clerics section which explains their abilities and how they work
  • Updated the magic users section
  • Added a mechanic which limits the number of times a spell can be cast before it needs to be studied/prayed for
  • Reformatted the document

Solo Game Changes

  • No longer need to download another document to play the game. Everything needed is in this one document
  • Added more entries to the Random Search, Treasure, and Magic Items tables
  • Updated the character sheet to better capture the characters information
  • Reformatted the document

Whew! That was a lot, but well worth it.


FlexD6 - v0.52.pdf 618 kB
Sep 08, 2021
FlexD6 - Fantasy Hack - v0.22.pdf 441 kB
Sep 08, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Hack - v0.22.pdf 375 kB
Sep 08, 2021
FlexD6 Solo - Fantasy - v0.09.pdf 1 MB
Sep 08, 2021

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