Character Sheets!!

Character Sheets!!

I can't take credit for this. A redditor posted a link to a character sheet they created for their game and it is pretty awesome! I took the general layout from that and reworked it for FlexD6. Page 2 of the character sheet contains a list of all skills and abilities for the hack. It also has sections for additional character details (magic, psionic skills, alchemy, etc.)

Other Changes

  • All applicable skills are included in the hacks. No more flipping between the core rules and the hack rules to figure out what skills to choose.
  • New push it mechanic for vehicles. Pushing it adds another d6 to the dice pool at the risk of running out of fuel.
  • Added a new kill die mechanic for making ranged weapons more deadly.
  • Updated the advancement rules and added a new Players roll for Enemies optional rule


FlexD6 - Fantasy Character Sheet - v1.0.pdf 82 kB
Dec 12, 2021
FlexD6 - Space Character Sheet - v1.0.pdf 85 kB
Dec 12, 2021

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